The French government has recently placed a ban on selected domestic flights in favour of train route options. France’s high speed train network will now offer services arriving and departing from Paris to regional cities in 2.5 hrs or less. The private jet industry could also face serious restrictions, according to French Transport Minister Clément Beaune. The main idea is to drastically reduce CO2 emissions as a part of France’s 2021 Climate Law.

While a domestic flight ban would be an unrealistic strategy for Australia, we could and should consider other options that can help reduce our CO2 emissions. Dr Rico Merket reveals these strategies.

Image: Image: Shutterstock: TGV high speed French train in Gare de Lyon station

Produced By: Julia Schmidt

Featured In Story: Dr Rico Merkert, Professor and Chair in Transport and Supply Chain Management at The University of Sydney Business School, and

First aired on The Wire, Tuesday 6 June 2023