Calls to a First Nations crisis hotline more than tripled last weekend following Saturday’s referendum, according the head of a First Nations crisis support service.

13-YARN National Manager, Marjorie Anderson says dialogue around the referendum has taken a toll on the welfare of First Nations people with calls from help-seekers revealing increased need for support amid a rise in negative experience. She is urging Indigenous Australians facing distress to reach out.

The Wire spoke with Marjorie about some of the thoughts and comments from First Nations communities after Saturday’s Voice referendum.


13-Yarn provides 24-hour crisis-support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – if you are experiencing distress phone 13 92 76

Image: Image by Richard-Shute, supplied by Marjorie Anderson, 13-Yarn

Produced By: Emma Wotzke

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 19 October 2023